Hannes studied the interdisciplinary design programme  "Advertising, graphic design & visual communication" at "Linnæus University" graduating with a BA in media and communication. Wanting to learn how to become more useful to society he went to the renowned "Enterprising Leadership Programme" at KAOSPILOT where he learned how to combine design with creative leadership and entrepreneurship into meaningful businesses and projects. Since graduation he has been hustling; starting and been part of several businesses and projects, often as a creative director and project leader. 

Currently Hannes is looking for more steady work while freelancing as a graphic designer and project leader. Some of his current sideprojects are; GLORB - a peice of multimedia art and a smart and versatile lighting solution for your home, venue or office, ARKANE - a designstudio for mixed reality / mixed media sculptures and projection mapping. Hannes sees these projects as connected platforms for co-creation and creative exploration as they combine what he loves the most: creative collaboration, communication & design, art and experience design. In the center of it all is the positive shared experience. As Hannes believes experiences of beauty, of celebrating and enjoying life, is the glue that creates strong ties between us in a time of disconnection. 


Interested in working with me or hiring me? I'm always interested in collaborating on creative projects with brands, producers, artists and other creatives. Feel free to reach out!


Graphic Design
Art Direction
Communication Strategy
Creative Direction
Project Leadership


Tamschick Media + Space
GRO Hår & Skägg
Into the woods
Region Halland


Entered 6 design comeptitions, 2 wins; 
Winner of "Lightform International Contest" 2021 
Winner of  “Adobe Creative Jams” 2014
Participated in 3 editions of “48H” 2012/13/14
Entered “Penguin Books design award” 2015